Business Development

ACI recognizes the need for an ongoing and committed construction business development team to develop both new and existing client relationships. We understand that while finding and cultivating new clients is vital to our business, it is just as important to be attentive and take care of our existing clientele. Currently our team consists of Walter Shirley and Roy Cho, construction professionals with decades of combined industry experience and contacts. They have been tasked working with our trade partners to both implement ACI’s marketing strategy and to build sustainable, quality relationships.

Walter Shirley, Vice President of Operations

For more than 46 years, Walter has been responsible for overseeing an array of projects in the construction industry. Both his hands on experience in building and his management background in operations have proved invaluable in the management of projects from pre-construction through project delivery. Walter’s understanding of the building environment allows him to cultivate and maintain client relationships, and to excel in providing construction services including budgeting, scheduling, value engineering and constructability. Having crisscrossed the country building hotels, hospitality venues, restaurants, schools, office buildings and more, it is his passion for construction and his desire to keep his client’s needs first that makes him an effective builder.

Roy Cho, Director of Business Development

Since joining ACI in 2012, Roy has been instrumental in the acquisition of some of the firms largest accounts including companies like CJ CGV, Paris Baguette, and H Mart, to name a few. He is consistently cultivating new clients for construction, while also offering assistance with governmental approvals, marketing and financing. His sincere approach to build strong relationships and his multi-lingual abilities help to keep ACI at the forefront of our industry here in Southern California. Passionate about every aspect of the industry, his enthusiasm and energy is evident, whether in the City of Industry home office, attending conferences across the county, or hosting client here in the Los Angeles area.